Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review: Six Months Later by Natalie Richards

Six Months Later
Author:  Natalie Richards
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire, 336 pages
Publication Date:  October 1, 2013
*ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley

From Goodreads:
Chloe didn't think about it much when she nodded off in study hall on that sleepy summer day. But when she wakes up, snow is on the ground and she can't remember the last six months of her life. Before, she'd been a mediocre student. Now, she's on track for valedictorian and being recruited by Ivy League schools. Before, she never had a chance with super jock Blake. Now he's her boyfriend. Before, she and Maggie were inseparable. Now her best friend won't speak to her.

What happened to her? 
And why can't she remember?

I loved this book.  It was fast-paced and compulsively readable.  It hooked me from the very beginning with the first chapter showing a day in the high school life of Chloe.  She's kind of a slacker and is a great, loyal friend to Maggie.  She has a crush on Blake, who has never even talked to her before.  She falls asleep in study hall in May and when she wakes up it's six months later and she doesn't remember anything.  She's still in study hall, it's the middle of the night in November, and she's covered in mud.  Then she finds out that her life is completely different and she basically starts freaking out.  

I love books where the MC is thrown into a situation where she doesn't know what's going on and she doesn't know who to trust.  Chloe has to figure out what happened, why her life is so different, and why she doesn't remember.  Since she can't remember, she has to trust her gut.  I felt so bad for Chloe, but she's strong and stubborn and will not stop until she finds out the truth.  I don't want to say much more about the other characters because I don't want to spoil it (and there's even a huge character who is not even mentioned in the summary).  

This is a fantastic thriller/suspense novel with clues throughout, but it will still keep you guessing.  Many twists and turns, great characters, and authentic dialogue.  I highly recommend!

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  1. Oooh this sounds super interesting!! Kinda makes me think of False Memory. I will definitely be checking this one out. Great review!

    Rebecca @ The Library Canary

    1. That's one of the reasons I really liked False Memory is because the MC doesn't know who she is, what's happened, and who to trust. Definitely some similarities. ~Pam

  2. Hee! This isn't another college book, but this reminds me of how I'd just commented on your reviews of books set in college. On fast track for ivy league schools, eh? Another nostalgic moment of college apps.

    The day in the HS life of Chloe aspect reminds me quite a bit of Sarah Dessen's work. And ahhh, is Chloe the quiet type? The crush on a guy who's never talked to her before -- lol, again nostalgia and a weird identification with this girl. Is this more like how you wanted Cath to be? I saw your reply that Cath was a bit much, and it sounds like Chloe is a tad like Cath in the beginning but not as introverted.

    Oh, wow. What a penalty for falling asleep in study hall hahaha. I too love those situations that force MCs to figure out who to trust - adds for such great tension, even if that plot point seems a tad overused, especially in YA. (I wonder if it became a trend after The Maze Runner or if the amnesia aspect was always a staple in YA mystery/thriller types.)

    One thing I will say is that I love how I'm always discovering new books when I'm visiting your blog. I don't know if I ever told you that before, but with the college books? This book? I also really admire how you much you've read this year.

    1. Chloe isn't the quiet type, she's actually pretty daring, she just doesn't care about school, just wants to have fun, etc, but when she wakes up the last six months she's completely turned all of that around.

      I agree, it seems like I've been seeing more of that (situations in which the MC doesn't know who to trust, usually because of amnesia), but I still love it.

      Thanks, I appreciate it. I can't seem to stop reading! I'm probably reading too much, but hey, I'm not watching as much tv. :) ~Pam

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I totally agree about the twists and turns, although I did suspect one character of evil doings ;)

    1. I think I know which character you're talking about. I loved how the author made Chloe's instincts tell her who she could trust and not trust (her body reacting). ~Pam

  4. Compulsively readable.. haven't heard that combination before :D I haven't even heard of this book yet but your enthusiasm for it makes me want to read it! I don't know how I feel about MCs waking up and not knowing whats going on (it can be suspenseful but it can also be disastrous). I'm definitely going to add this to my TBR though after this review. You had me at compulsively readable ;)

    1. I loved it, I couldn't put it down. And the not knowing what's going on definitely adds to the suspense. Hope you enjoy it! ~Pam