Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten Reasons To Attend a Book Festival

Pam and I took a little road trip on Saturday to attend YAK Fest 2014 which is organized by the Keller ISD secondary librarians.  It was a blast!

So rather than tell you ten places we don’t want to go or ten people we don’t want to be, we’re giving you
Ten Reasons to Go To a Local Book Festival!
10. There might be some great food trucks selling all sorts of treats.
9. You can support the local bookstore selling copies of the books.
8. You can try to find and meet up with other bloggers. I suggested that Pam and I make YA Escape From Reality T-shirts but she quickly vetoed my idea.  
7.  You can try to figure out why some writers still have full-time jobs in addition to writing (is it a money thing?)
6.  You can meet your favorite authors!
5. You can listen carefully to authors who may accidentally reveal twists and turns in forthcoming books, like Mari Mancusi.
4. You can hear authors answer questions such as, “Which of your characters would you take to prom?” Can you guess who Andrew Smith chose?
3. You can hear your favorite authors describe their writing process and how agents, editors, and book sellers influence the process.  For instance, did you know Kody Keplinger had to change one of her titles five times?
2. You can learn about books written by fabulous authors you may never have heard of.  In my case, Christa DeSir, who writes intentionally to start conversations and change the way young persons see themselves and the world around them.
1. It’s a great reason to spend time with a friend who also loves books.

Posted by:  Sheri


  1. It is my dream to go to BEA or ComicCon. It would be so fun to meet some of my favorite authors and blogger friends. YAK fest sounds like it was a great time.
    Who did Andrew Smith say he would take?

    1. this is a quote....Robbie, the gay boy, because he's a great person and really lonely plus it would be like showing the finger to the whole school ~Sheri

  2. I was at ALA this past weekend in Philly and it was amazing! I had such a great time meeting other bloggers. It's so funny to run into them and be like "hi, I'm Rebecca" and see the blank stare until I say "you know, the Library Canary" and then they're all like oh yeah! I am going to BEA this year for the first time too! I'm so excited! Glad you ladies had a good time at YAK fest!

  3. There aren't many here, but I have signed up to attend the London Book Fair which takes place over three days. I've never gone before and I don't really know what to expect! Hopefully I absolutely love it, meet some great authors and publishers. I'll be going alone though because none of my friends qualify to attend and that might make it a little less enjoyable for me.

    1. Wouldn't it be great to get to attend all sorts of fairs in different cities. I would love to know how different they are. What I found really interesting about this one were the questions posed by the moderators : ). Enjoy ~Sheri

  4. I've actually never been to a book festival before and I'm going to my first author event this weekend! There's really not a lot of bookish events where I live :((

    I did find out the other day that there is a Southern Book Fest in April about 4 1/2 hours away from me and I hope to get to go *fingers crossed*

  5. I am terrible about knowing when bookish events are in my area. TERRIBLE. And I live in NJ so I could realistically go to both Philly, and NYC for an event. Hell I could even go to Baltimore and if I'm feeling really motivated - DC. But I never know what is happening and miss a lot. I would have missed ALA midwinter meeting too if not for some well timed twitter browsing. I need to get in the know. All 10 of your reasons appeal to me. I just LOVE bookish events :)

  6. Book festivals seem like a ton of fun! (Also, YA Escape from Reality t-shirts sound like they'd be really cute!)