Thursday, May 8, 2014

Novella Review: Time's Echo by Rysa Walker

Time's Echo (The Chronos Files, #1.5)
Author:  Rysa Walker, 100 pages
Publication Date:  April 30, 2014
*Novella provided by author

From Goodreads:
Kiernan Dunne abandoned his family ties to help Kate fight the Cyrists, and he's never regretted that for one moment. But he doesn't understand why Kate can't remember that night in 1893 Chicago, when she turned back to face the killer chasing them through the smoky corridors of the World's Fair Hotel. Kate placed the CHRONOS key around his neck and made his eight year old self promise to wear it always, and that's a promise Kiernan has never broken.

When Kate suddenly vanishes after a Cyrist-engineered time shift, that hidden medallion is Kiernan's only hope for finding her. He returns to the Cyrist fold to look for clues, but his search will lead him back to the question that has haunted him for years--what really happened after he left Kate at the World's Fair Hotel?

I absolutely loved Timebound, the first novel in this series so I was really excited to read the novella. See my review of Timebound here. I'm not a big novella reader, to be honest, but I really enjoyed this one because I loved getting to know Kiernan better. The novella is written from his POV and you get to see him and Kate together for a bit in the other timeline, and read how devastated he was when the timeline changed and she disappeared. You find out more about the Cyrists and Prudence. I absolutely loved Trey and Kate in Timebound, and I'm still rooting for them, but I do feel so bad for Kiernan. How horrible to have this relationship with Kate and then have the timeline change and have her not even remember him! I'm starting to feel a bit torn about what I want to have happen in the next book, which never happens to me. I love time travel books and this one is so well done. I cannot wait for the next book!

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  1. I need to start this series. I love time travel and these ones look so good!

    1. You should read this series, I think you would really like it. ~Pam

  2. I've never read a novella. I've been tempted to before but just haven't picked any up. I usually go for a new book instead. I think I HAVE to read the Throne of Glass novellas though. They will likely be my first.

    1. I don't usually read novellas either, most of the time they seem pretty pointless. I did like this one with the different POV, and the Throne of Glass novellas are pretty good because you get some back story filled in. I also read one of JLA's novellas in the Covenant series (the name is escaping me right now) and that one was good as well. ~Pam