Friday, August 22, 2014

Independent Bookstores in Colorado

My family and I recently traveled to Avon, CO for a little relaxing and lots of outdoor activities.  While I was there I also wanted to visit some local bookstores and imagine my surprise when I could only find ONE between four distinct tourist towns.  I realize independent bookstores are becoming increasingly rare but I really thought I would find more than one.  The one I found, Bookworm of Edwards, was located in Edwards, CO and it exceeded my expectations!!

Not only did they have an interesting selection of books organized according to age and interest, but they also offered some unique book related services.  They actually have a LITERARY CONCIERGE SERVICE who gets to know your tastes and then recommends books!  My only complaint was in the children's section where all the toys and stuffed animals distracted my kiddos from the actual books.

 In addition to the fabulous book selection, including four LARGE young adult bookshelves, the bookstore also had a small café with an outdoor patio and the gorgeous view above.  I would strongly recommend ordering the Lemonysnicket crepe while you enjoy your new purchases.

Posted By: Sheri


  1. Cute! Indie bookstores are the best. A Lemonysnicket crepe??? That's awesome!! And a literary concierge service! If I'm ever in CO I'll have to visit this place. :)

    1. I really wish I had been able to promote a few more! Sheri

  2. The bookstore sounds lovely!!!!! I like the idea of a Literary Concierge. In fact, can this be my job? :)

  3. That bookshop sounds amazing. I love the idea of a literary concierge, I would so love to do that myself, haha.