Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review: Trouble by Non Pratt

Author:  Non Pratt
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 416 pages
Publication Date:  June 10, 2014

From Goodreads:
When the entire high school finds out that Hannah Shepard is pregnant via her ex-best friend, she has a full-on meltdown in her backyard. The one witness (besides the rest of the world): Aaron Tyler, a transfer student and the only boy who doesn’t seem to want to get into Hannah’s pants. Confused and scared, Hannah needs someone to be on her side. Wishing to make up for his own past mistakes, Aaron does the unthinkable and offers to pretend to be the father of Hannah’s unborn baby. Even more unbelievable, Hannah hears herself saying “yes.”

Told in alternating perspectives between Hannah and Aaron, Trouble is the story of two teenagers helping each other to move forward in the wake of tragedy and devastating choices. As you read about their year of loss, regret, and hope, you’ll remember your first, real best friend—and how they were like a first love.

This is a brutally honest and touching portrayal of teenage life.  Hannah and Aaron are fifteen year olds going through a tough time.  Told through dual points of view, which was well done (the thoughts, feelings, and dialogue were captured perfectly) we learn that Hannah is a sexually active teen and acts pretty blasé about it.  In fact, the whole group of teenagers in this book is seemingly very casual about sex and alcohol.  There's a gritty feel to this book because it portrays life as it really is. Aaron has just moved into town and there's obviously something horrible that happened in his past that he's struggling to recover from.  He's so reserved and unhappy, but such a good guy.  

Although the plot does revolve around Hannah's pregnancy, the book is also about so much more.  It's a coming of age story for Hannah and a story of grief and loss for Aaron.  It's about peer pressure, bullying, social media, underage drinking, and sex. It's about family.  But more than that, it's a story of friendship between Hannah and Aaron.  About being there for someone and accepting them no matter what.  I loved the way their relationship evolved and how they supported each other. Hannah and Aaron were amazingly nuanced and layered characters.  They were just so real.

In the end, Trouble is a heartwarming read that deals with serious issues in a realistic way.

Posted by:  Pam


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I always like realistic, emotionally moving reads. Great review! :)

  2. I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds amazing! Definitely adding to the TBR. You know how much I love gritty, realistic contemps.

  3. Whoa this novel is heavy for the MCs to be 15. I wish they were a tad bit older but I guess that is reality sometimes. I am interested in reading this since you say it is so well done and I do like these thought-provoking reads at times but I'll have to be in the right mood. I hadn't even heard of it before! And I like the cover :)

  4. I am glad you really enjoyed this one. I met the author at YALC and got a signed copy and have been meaning to read it ever since. I have the UK cover though and think I prefer it. This really does sound like a brilliant book and I look forward to finally getting to it.