Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Related Problems We Have

                              Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

Pam's List:

1.     Too Many Books!!!  This is a common problem, I'm sure, but my TBR list is out of control.  I have so many unread books on my shelves, on my Kindle, and I keep buying more! (Of course, this is a good problem to have).

2.     Forgetting books.  I have the worst book memory and I forget books so easily.  A day later and I may not even remember the basic plot and the names of the main characters.  This becomes a huge problem with all of the series I'm currently reading (over 75), meaning that I have to reread almost every single book that is in a series when the new one comes out.

3.     Buying cheap books on Amazon just because they're cheap.  With so many great books to read, I should be more selective, but I just can't resist those daily/monthly deals.  That one-click is a HUGE problem!

4.     Getting too emotionally involved, especially about my couples.  I'm sure we all have this problem, but sometimes I care too much.  I just want my HEA!

5.     Being impatient for the next book to come out.  It's so hard to wait in between books in a series!

Sheri's List:

6. I don't have enough time to read every day.  My problem is that I read in bed after 9 pm which generally means I fall asleep within 30 minutes of starting my book.

 7. My friends are constantly recommending books.  Some of my closest friends are HEAVY book readers, so I am constantly updating my goodreads TBR shelf based on their recommendations.
8. I abuse my library privileges.  My local library has an amazing interlibrary loan system so I literally request a book and it will eventually appear like magic.  The problem for me is that I can't control when books will arrive.  I currently have 26 books checked out from the library and this just seems wrong but I can't return them because who knows when I will get them back.  Fortunately if someone else requests the book the library will recall my copy.
9. I read multiple books at one time.  I have a tendency to stop reading a book for a period of time when the plot irritates me, when the story becomes too suspenseful, or when another book catches my eye.  This often means I am reading multiple books at one time and it can take me forever to finish a book even when I really like the book.

10.  I love audiobooks. An exciting plot, an amazing narrator, and a great cup of coffee means a wonderful morning commute or a relaxing evening ride home.  On the downside it can take a really long time to finish a book. Plus, I now have to make up excuses to have my ear plugs in at home.  At least my family has accepted that they have to look at my ears before they start talking.

What are some of your book related problems?


  1. Great list, girls!
    Getting too emotionally involved is a HUGE issue for me. I can't help it. So I get lots of anxiety while reading. And it's also why I refuse to read almost every book if there's not a HEA lol.
    And I swear the Amazon one click is going to be the death of me!

  2. I totally get it about the cheap books and the lure of the "one click". Sigh. It's an addiction.

  3. I don't read NEARLY as much as you Pam so I don't have as many books competing for brain space but I still tend to forget details in books. Especially if I have to wait longer than a year to read it - a year is the max I can seem to remember things enough that I can pick up the next book without re-reading and do ok.

  4. I am guilty of all of Pams! I am also very guilty of abusing my library privileges, especially since I work there. So I make full use of the fact I can borrow up to 999 books at one time. I have about 70 out.... OOPS!

  5. #1: WAY TOO MANY BOOKS! I have the same problem, they're everywhere. On my Kindle, in my room, throughout the house…

    I also suffer from forgetting books, which makes reviews hard at times…

    I think number three's my biggest problem. I've only gotten my Kindle in December and I've already bought at least 50 books, most of which were 1.99-4.99….And how can you not buy a $1.99 Ebook? It's jut not possible. It's the same with physical books too, if they're like $6, I'm just like "Omg, want".

    I get super emotionally involved in ALL the couples I ship, tv couples, movie couples, book couples. I get too emotionally involved in books in general.

    I have the same problem with number five if it's with an author I really like/heard great things about and need to read all their books (Kasie West), despite not previously reading them before…
    - - -
    Sheri, I have time to read everyday, I just don't. :( I know, bad reader. I'm that friend recommending books, but no one I know is a heavy reader. *sighs*

    I totally abuse my library privileges too. Years ago I would put books on hold and they would mail them to your address for free, I constantly had packages coming in from them, it was like Christmas. :) And then they started charging…probably my fault. Haha.

    And then I check out too many books and take them back late causing late fees.

    And finally I make "requests" for them to buy, which they generally do e-book wise, but I've gotten a lot of books physically there from requesting they buy it. Ha.

    I totally face that "But I can't return them because who knows when I will get them back" problem. Hence my late fees…

    I've been reading two books at a time lately, mostly because I'll stop reading one, start another, and then finish one off. I still haven't picked up my first book in over a week. Oops.

    Great list, you two. :)

    Sorry for the excessive comment, ha.