Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

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1.     Sexual tension.  Don't we all like this?  I want to FEEL the chemistry between the couple.

2.     Slow-burn romance.  This goes hand in hand with sexual tension.   And I want to SEE the romance develop,  not just be told about it.

3.     In the second book (if it's a series), I want to see the couple working together and see their romance develop into something deeper.  This does not happen too often, to be honest.

4.     Banter between the characters.  Love the banter!

5.     Ridiculously attractive love interest.  Come on, I know it's not realistic, but a hot guy is a given.

6.     Love-to-hate romance.  I don't want every book to have this, but when it's done well, it works.  And again, usually goes hand in hand with sexual tension (and witty banter).

7.     Forbidden love.  Who doesn't love it?


8.     Insta-love.  Obviously.

9.     In a series, I hate when the couple is apart for the second book.

10.     The overly used plot device of a second love interest.  Love triangles are so over (Although, I have to admit, some of my favorite couples are in books with love triangles).

Some of my favorite romances? (And some of these do have some of my dislikes in the book):

Adrian and Sydney.  Talk about slow-burn romance with sexual tension (and witty banter).

Katy and Daemon.  JLA is the master at sexual tension and witty banter.  Oh yeah, and ridiculously hot guys.

Alex and Aiden.  Aiden is mine.  Just saying.

Clary and Jace.  The way this couple is written, I FEEL EVERYTHING.

Will and Tessa.  Oh Will…I will forever love you.  Sorry, Jem.

Violet and Lincoln.  I cried for over 10 chapters of one of these books.  And I hardly ever cry in books.  One of the most beautiful relationships.  Ever.

Iolanthe and Titus.  Banter banter banter.  Love them.

Caymen and Xander.  Again, so much witty banter!

Gaby and Rafa.  Sexual tension…SO MUCH OF IT.

Posted by:  Pam


  1. Sexual Tension was my first choice for likes too! I just love it so much! And the witty banter. Good one! I also hate when couples are apart in the second book. So freaking annoying!

  2. Re #9: It's like an unwritten rule or something. I'm not sure why... unless it's to throw obstacles in the way of twu-wuv.

  3. I love this post, Pam!!!! This might be my favorite list yet.
    I couldn't agree more about couples actually working together! This needs to be done so much more often. I'm sick and tired of the drama getting in the way or of them being separated during the second book. JLA is great about NOT doing that. And another series that comes to mind is The Burning Sky.
    Love a good slow burn and sexual tension!
    And yes, love triangles need to die. D:

  4. I agree with 90% of the above. First, I would rank Banter as my #1. I still love 10 Things I Hate About You for the intellectual banter - awesome! I know it is NOT realistic that high school kids sound like that, but it is called fiction after all. Second, I cannot stand Forbidden love. I didn't like Romeo and Juliet before the suicide. Forbidden love implies someone else is making decisions for you about love, and I find this VERY annoying!

  5. Oh, yes! I totally agree with the banter and tension and slowly developed relationships. I don't like it when they're super fast, aka insta-love, and I don't really care for triangles either unless they're handled right and there are so few that are. Great list!!

  6. Caymen and Xander are one of my all time favorite couples and the banter in this book was the BEST! I pretty much have all the same likes/dislikes. LOVE sexual tension. And This Shattered World has a great love-to-hate romance (I am really enjoying this book!!)