Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review: One Night by A.J. Pine

One Night
Author:  A.J. Pine
Publisher: InterMix
Expected Publication Date:  April 21, 2015
*ARC received from publisher via NetGalley

From Goodreads:
Twenty-one-year-old Jess used to have everything—a loyal best friend, a boyfriend she loved, and a future that was right on track. But in a single night, her whole world changed.

Now, Jess lives for the impersonal connection of drunken hook-ups and to-go coffee cups in the morning. All she needs is one night to pretend everything is fine…until she meets Adam.

Thanks to a sports injury, gorgeous, charming basketball star Adam Carson is stuck in physical therapy at the hospital where Jess interns—giving her the perfect opportunity to see his sweet, considerate nature and making her realize that maybe she does want something more.

But while Adam might be the best thing that’s happened to Jess in a long time, letting him past her carefully constructed walls means letting him know what happened...and why he'd never want her for more than one night.

The main reason I liked this book is because of Adam.  What a refreshing change from the usual tortured bad boy.  Adam's a nice guy who doesn't play games.  He likes Jess and he shows it.  He's basically a happy guy, although he's struggling a bit knowing his basketball career is coming to an end (By the way, loved that he became a Vampire Diaries fan).

The secondary characters are amazing as well.  Jess's best friend, the little girl Jess meets interning at the hospital…loved both of them.

What I didn't like?  Jess.  And I feel bad that I didn't like her.  She's obviously been through a traumatic event, although we're kept in the dark for most of the book the exact details of that event.  I thought maybe that's why I didn't sympathize with her since I didn't know, but even once I found out, I thought she handled it so poorly.  It was hard to relate to how closed off she was and why she pushed everyone away and I got tired of her thinking she didn't deserve being with someone other than just for one night.  I mean, I sort of got it but I didn't.  And she was extremely selfish (which, to be fair, she acknowledges).  Maybe that was part of the story the author was trying to tell, that people don't necessarily handle things, that they make mistakes, that they do push people away, but that you should still stick with them and fight for them.  Which is what Adam does.  So again, much love for Adam, but it's hard to love a book when you don't like the main character.

Posted by:  Pam


  1. The book I just finished had an mc that I didn't get along with. And I don't necessarily think it was a bad book, but it was hard for me to like it with her. So I totally get where you're coming from. But I'm intrigued by Adam being different than the stereotypical tortured soul. Great review!

  2. Sounds interesting but it's hard for me to enjoy a book like you said, when you don't like the main character. No loss for me to skip this one. Great review btw, Pam. :)

  3. Damn. Again, I like the sound of Adam but I don't think I will like Jess either and her story sounds like one that would drive me crazy (her being selfish, readers being kept in the dark, things being handled poorly).