Friday, August 7, 2015

Discussion Question: What Do You Want in a Book Review?

There are so many different ways to write a book review.  Some people divide the review into different parts, focusing on plot, setting, characters, etc.  Others divide the review into what they like and didn't like.  Still others write in a conversational tone, giving their thoughts on the book.  Some write really short reviews, others write long ones.

When you're reading a book review, what's important to you?  What makes a good, well-written review?

I feel like I don't really have a style.  Sometimes I write super short reviews, sometimes they're longer.  I usually don't write too much about the plot since sometimes when I read other reviews the reviewer spoils the book by giving me too much information.  Sometimes I divide it up and focus on what I liked and didn't like.  

There are some reviews I read and even if I didn't know which blog I was reading, I would know by the review.  But that's not the case with me.  I still struggle with what people really want to know when they read it.  How much information is too much information?  Should I be focusing on certain things?

After writing over 300 reviews, I feel like I say the same thing over and over and over again.  I want the blog to be fresh and fun and to give readers a sense of what the book is like and why it worked or didn't work, what I loved about it, but lately I've been struggling.  What do you want in a book review??

Posted by:  Pam


  1. That's a hard question! Reviews are something I usually skim, just to get a good idea of what the person liked and didn't like, and I'll look for triggers to see if there's something I wouldn't like about the book. I usually don't like really long reviews, though sometimes I write them. I think my favorite ones aren't the analytic but the kind that just explain what worked for the reader and what didn't

  2. I think everyone struggles with this but the important thing to keep is mind is that everyone is looking for different things and I believe that most people like a variety of reviews - at least that's how I am. I appreciate the super critical review on occasion but I am also more than fine just reading about how a book makes someone feel (as long as they tell me why). I feel like we are both more FEEL reviewers than critical reviewers but I also feel like we have similar styles - and I am getting the hang of where we differ - so I can read your reviews and get recommendations for myself easily enough. I would just do what feels best for you - there is an audience for everyone!