Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: Evolution by Stephanie Diaz

Evolution (Extraction #3)
Author:  Stephanie Diaz
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin, 320 pages
Publication Date:  September 8, 2015
*ARC received from publisher via NetGalley

From Goodreads:
Clementine and Logan’s world is on the brink of destruction. An army of aliens from the distant planet Marden has arrived with a massive fleet of battleships, intent on finally putting an end to an age-old war. With the Alliance headquarters reduced to rubble and one of the rebel leaders close to death, Clementine and her friends have no choice but to retreat to the Core to escape the alien ships attacking the Surface.

But safety in the Core means forming a temporary alliance with their sworn enemy. Though he's a ruthless man they cannot trust, striking a bargain with him—his pardon in exchange for their help defeating the Mardenites—seems the only way the rebels might survive. The only way that Clementine and Logan might finally live in peace. But their hope for peace is short lived as they soon find out that Marden's force is more powerful than anyone anticipated, with weapons and technologies never before seen on Kiel. Unless old feuds can be set aside long enough for a diplomatic solution to be found, all of Kiel's people will be destroyed, and all of Clementine’s sacrifices will mean nothing.

With pulse-pounding twists and turns, the stunning conclusion to the Extraction series will leave you breathless!

Evolution was a fast-paced and action-packed conclusion to the series.  To be honest, a little too much action, so much that I felt like I was reading a movie script, if that makes sense.  I wanted more interactions with the characters, more inner monologue, more romantic moments between Clem and Logan.  The book did wrap up the story well, but I did wonder why, if Clem was so important and special and they knew she was, they let her grow up on the Surface, where it was so dangerous. So a bit of a mixed bag for me.

Posted by:  Pam


  1. I never read any of these and I can't say I'm really that interested. I'm not a space-y read type of person but it sounds like an okay read, but I definitely would want more dialogue if I were to read it, especially at the close of the series.

  2. I'm not sure I'll read this series especially if the ending was a mixed bag for you. Even though I love action I know what you mean about there being a little too much. I also haven't been in the mood for much dystopian/science fiction lately.