Friday, November 27, 2015

YA TV: Wolf Blood

Television Show: Wolfblood 

Series Dates: 2012-
Creator: Debbie Moon
Production Co.: BBC

I have recently made a commitment to exercising and am encouraging these healthy behaviors by watching YA television shows.  The first series I have chosen to watch has been in my Netflix queue for months and I am so excited to finally watch it. My only exercise rule is that I can only watch new episodes if I am on my elliptical machine.  Since I am loving this show, it's working really well.

The series was created by Debbie Moon for British television.  It follows the lives of two teenage "wolfbloods".  Wolfbloods can and have lived amongst humans for centuries.  While some wolfbloods live peacefully with humans others do not.  Maddy and Rhydian are the two main characters and they have to keep their secret from all their school friends.  While Maddy lives with supportive parents who can teach her about her heritage, Rhydian lives with foster parents.  Even though I have only watched four episodes they have all been great and addressed several important yet predictable themes in tween/teenage television: parental neglect, hostile teachers, and school cliques.

Wish me luck!

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