Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Review: Hereafter by Kate Brian

Hereafter (Shadowlands #2)
Author:  Kate Brian
Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion, 320 pages
Expected Publication Date:  October 1, 2013

From Goodreads:
Rory Miller thought her life was over when a serial killer set his sights on her and forced her into witness protection. But a fresh start on Juniper Landing Island was exactly what she and her family needed. For the first time in years she and her sister hang out at the beach, gossip about boys, and party together. She's also made friends with a local clique--including a magnetic and mysterious boy named Tristan. 
But Rory's world is about to change again. Picturesque Juniper Landing isn't what it seems. The truth about the swirling fog that rolls in each morning, the bridge that leads to nowhere, and those beautiful locals who seem to watch Rory's every move is more terrifying than being hunted by Steven Nell. And all Rory ever wanted was the truth. Even if it means learning that she can never go home again. From the best-selling author of the Private and Privilege series comes the second novel in a heart-stopping trilogy about a girl who must pick up the pieces after the only life she's ever known ends.

I guess it was inevitable that, after such a mind-blowing ending to Shadowlands, the second book of this trilogy would be disappointing.  It definitely suffers from middle-book syndrome. I still enjoyed it, and I will be reading the next book, but it was just okay.  

So at the end of Shadowlands, we find out that everyone on the island is dead. Including Rory, her sister, and her father.  The island is some sort of limbo land, and everyone is either there to work through unresolved issues and then move on, or is like Tristan and that group, "Lifers" who help those move on.  Apparently Rory is a "Lifer" too, but we don't know about her father or sister yet.  So some of the novel is about Rory coming to terms about that and learning about how the island works.  And crushing on Tristan.

Then there is another bad person, a "Lifer" who is apparently sick of living in limbo land and that person is trying to figure out a way to change things and be able to leave.  We get a few short chapters from that person's POV, which were unnecessary if you ask me.

So now bad things start to happen on the island, and Rory is being blamed for them. In the end, we find out who the bad person is, but to be honest, I don't think it's who we're led to believe it is.  That's just my theory. I would love to hear from you if you've read this to get your thoughts on that.  I just think it was too obvious, and the evidence too easy to find (I mean, come on, the bag was just left in the middle of the room).  And then the book just ends.  

I did enjoy the book, and I couldn't put it down, but it did seem like a bit of a filler book.  

Posted by:  Pam


  1. "It definitely suffers from middle-book syndrome. I still enjoyed it, and I will be reading the next book, but it was just okay." <-- Sorry that it didn't quite live up to your expectations, but at least you did like it. There've been a bunch of books with middle-book syndrome that just aren't that enjoyable.

    The world kind of reminds me of Lost. I hadn't read Shadowlands nor did I plan on reading it soon, but I definitely didn't expect that the world would be like that. Quite surprising. Did it still have a similar level of mystery? That's what I'd read what really appealed to others with regard to Shadowlands. Here, sounds like there's a bunch of red herrings, but that whoever the villain is, it just didn't work for the story.

    "In the end, we find out who the bad person is, but to be honest, I don't think it's who we're led to believe it is. That's just my theory." <-- Maybe there'll be a surprise twist with regard to that in the next book.

    1. I'm really hoping there's a twist with regard to who the bad person is (or appears to be). I need to stop reading these series that aren't complete because it's killing me! There's definitely a lot of mystery in this book, but I felt like it just scratched the surface with what it could have been. So many questions aren't really answered, which is why it felt like it was a filler book. But I did still enjoy it and I have to read the next one, that's for sure. ~Pam

  2. Eh. I knew there was some sort of twist coming in Shadowlands, but I didn't see that one coming. And your description of the second book makes me a little worried. But we'll see!

    1. I did enjoy it, but I had such high hopes for the book given the ending of Shadowlands. Second books are usually the weakest of any trilogy (with notable exceptions). ~Pam

  3. oh no! curse middle book syndrome!! but i'm glad you still got into it! I'll be reading this one soonish and I'll see how my thoughts compare!!

    1. Let me know what you think, especially about the ending! ~Pam