Sunday, June 15, 2014

Novella Review: Just One Night by Gayle Forman

"I heard you readers and I kinda wondered what happened after the door opened also"
~ Gayle Forman.

Like many readers, I fell in love with Allyson and Willem in Just One Day.  Even though I didn't love Just One Year quite as much, I still loved the idea of this couple and was dissatisfied with the conclusion of the two book series (read my review here).  When I found out that a novella was to be published I was both thrilled and annoyed.  Thrilled because I might finally get the closure I expected from the second book.  Annoyed because I was going to have to pay a very modest fee to get that closure.  Based on a funny video clip on the facebook page for the books, many readers agreed with me and I guess convinced, persuaded, and pestered Gayle Forman until she gave readers what they needed. 

In my opinion, Just One Night is a great example of an author responding to fan interest in a particular aspect of a story.  Like many readers, I have become increasingly cynical about novellas that appear to simply be another way to make some money.  Don't get me wrong, many YA authors are underpaid and deserve an opportunity to earn a little extra from a series that have been successful.  In addition, most novellas cost less than a cup of coffee at my local coffee house.  But readers don't want to be short-changed in the original books. 
Based on my web based research efforts it seems to me that Just One Night was written as a result of READERS asking Gayle Forman for more rather than Gayle Forman choosing to leave out this text which quite frankly should have been the last chapters in Just One Year.  For those of you who loved the story of Allyson and Willem I would definitely recommend this novella.

Posted By: Sheri


  1. Glad to hear this ties things up. When I finally get around to reading this series (which will hopefully be soon with the movie coming out) I will remember to snag the novella as well!

  2. I'm pleased that this gave you the closure that you needed. I'm also getting a little sick of novellas because every book and series seems to have one now. I really hate the ones that just give you a different POV on a scene or something. Happy that this wasn't one of those types of novella.

  3. So i've mentioned countless times that i never get around to reading novellas but there are a few I feel compelled to read and hope to make time for one day. This one is on that list. It was nice of Gayle to write it for her fans. Sure I don't want to pay $1 of $2 for it but it's Gayle so...